One thought on “Gun #10 – Full Right”

  1. That is beautiful rifle. I am a retired Texas law man I own two custom built full stock flint Hawken rifles. I have been shoot flint guns for 35 years. I have hunted and shot in many matches. I have grown to love and appreciate the early long guns for years. I have become very fond of the Christian Springs type rifles. Would consider a 58 cal. 38″ rice swamped barrel with a Texas star silver inlay in the checkpiece. I was thinking about a amber type stain on a very fine piece of curly maple with a ebony carved sliding patch box with carving and a early style double throat lock. With a silver nose cap.
    Would very much like to hear from you.
    I have been resurching reference your work. You are indeed a fine craftsman. If this strikes your fancy call me or email me..
    And thank you for your time..

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