John Davidson Style Longrifle

This longrifle is to be based on the best examples of John Davidson’s work and to include extensive carving and engraving.   The carving will be a refinement, to my taste, of the carving on the best known original Davidson rifle. The same for the engraving. I will post my sketches here as I develop them. This longrifle is to go with the Early Augusta/Rockbridge rifle that is to be my personal hunting rifle, if I can afford to keep it. That way I would have an example of a rifle from the master and the apprentice, both of which I admire. The plan is to have a longrifle from each generation of builder from the Augusta/Rockbridge area. Rifle #12 is intended to represent the next generation after Davidson. That way, I will have a longrifle representative of 1780, 1790, and 1800 with the same stylistic roots from the Valley of Virginia.

The technical details:

Stock: Fairly curly, stump cut, quarter sawn, sugar maple
Lock: Chambers Golden Age lock
Barrel: 44″, B45, “Dickert” profile by Rice
Mounts: Brass butt piece  and guard  castings from Reeves Goehring.  All other mounts made from sheet.
Trigger: Davis early longrifle double set triggers modified to fit the guard.

I am considering casting my own butt piece and trigger guard for this rifle in order to get better matching mounts. If I do, that will drive up the price of the gun considerably.

Preliminary sketch of patchbox.
Preliminary sketch of patchbox.
Preliminary sketch of cheek side carving.
Preliminary sketch of cheek side carving.

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