Silver Mounted Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia Pistol

I have wanted to do a fancy silver mounted pistol to match one of my personal rifles, and I would have more to work with using the Early Augusta/Rockbridge rifle as a template. The problem is that I have never seen a fancy rifled pistol that early in Virginia, not less a silver mounted one. So, any such pistol would be a fantasy work. I resisted this until I saw a pistol that was made by Wallace Gusler which was very much along the lines of what I really wanted to do. I figured if it was good enough for Wallace Gusler, it should be good enough for me. So, the current plan is to make a very fancy silver mounted pistol to match the Early Augusta/Rockbridge rifle I plan to make as my personal hunting rifle.

I am told that it would be best to make up the guard from silver sheet, but I will probably try to make that in the traditional manner and cast it. I have everything I need to do the casting including the scrap silver.

The technical details:

Stock: Super curly sugar maple
Lock: Chambers Queen Anne Pistol Lock
Barrel: Rayl 10″, swamped, 50 cal, rifled, pistol barrel
Mounts: Handmade silver mounts including a silver butt cap
Trigger: Simple trigger

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