Preliminary sketch of patchbox.

Gun #17 – 1770-1775 Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia Longrifle

This is going to be a carved and engraved longrifle for my brother based on the early Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia longrifle documented by Wallace Gusler in the Journal of Historical Armsmaking Technology (JHAT) Volume 2.  This Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia longrifle, by an unknown maker, probably dates from 1770-1775.   I am using a slightly earlier style lock and a similar barrel along with commercially available butt piece and guard castings from Virginia rifles of the same period that are similar by not identical to the original.  The rest of the mounts will be made from sheet and be close copies of the original.  The architecture and carving will be of the same style with some minor variations for personal taste.    I will maintain the look of the unusual early patchbox, but I will implement it as a 4 piece box using the construction employed by John Davidson.   Because of the close similarities between the work of the JHAT 2 builder and John Davison’s work, it is thought that John Davidson was an apprentice of the builder of the JHAT 2 rifles.   I will maintain the unusual latch mechanism as it is a very solid design.  The engraving on the patchbox will be simple with some initials and some line and scroll work.

The technical details:

Stock: Stump cut, quarter-sawn curly sugar maple
Lock: Chambers Colonial lock
Barrel: 44″, C54, “Dickert” profile by Rice
Mounts: Brass butt piece (#10) and guard (VA Rifle) castings from Reeves Goehring.  All other mounts made from sheet.
Triggers: Davis early longrifle double set triggers modified to fit the guard.

I have already cut out the stock blank (second from top) ready to inlet the barrel and cut the ramrod groove.   I have also cut out the blanks for all the mounts, formed the thimbles and formed the patchbox hinge.

Stock blanks for guns #12, #13, and #14.

Preliminary sketch of patchbox.
Preliminary sketch of patchbox.
Preliminary sketch of cheek carving.
Preliminary sketch of cheek carving.

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