Change of Direction

This is to announce a change of direction in my business. Effective immediately, I will not take any more gun work; new guns, repairs and conservation work. I will complete the contracts I have, but take no new work. This is for liability reasons. I have not been doing enough business the last couple of years to carry the insurance I should carry for this type of work. Consequently, I decided to stop doing gun work for money. I will still do work for myself, family, and friends, but only has a hobby.

Instead of the gun work, I will concentrate on making shot pouches, powder horns, and fraktur. I believe there is much less risk in those things and such a business is easier and cheaper to insure. The cost of such a business is also lower as is the cost of the products and thus greater sales, and greater profits. My intention is to create work of my choosing from historic examples and then put the work up for sale on my web site and on the CLA web site. If I build up an inventory, then I may attend a few shows. As always, I will entertain bespoke work. If you have a leather or horn project, drop me a line using the Contact page. Some of my favorite work has been created as a collaboration between myself and the client.

Thank you for your support,

Mark Elliott