Silver Mounted Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia Pistol

I have wanted to do a fancy silver mounted pistol to match one of my personal rifles, and I would have more to work with using the Early Augusta/Rockbridge rifle as a template. The problem is that I have never seen a fancy rifled pistol that early in Virginia, not less a silver mounted one. … Continue reading Silver Mounted Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia Pistol

Lifetime Warranty (Please Read!)

All my work carries a lifetime warranty(my lifetime – which may or may not be that long) against defects in MY workmanship. Any such defects will be remedied by repairs or replacement at my discretion. Any other problems due to abuse, accident, lack of proper maintenance, or failure of parts/materials from third parties will be … Continue reading Lifetime Warranty (Please Read!)

Shipping & Deposit Policies (Please Read!)

In order to make my life easier and make sure there are no misunderstandings regarding charges and fees associated with commissioned work, I have set out the following standard terms. All items will be insured as available when shipped. Shipping for small items will be via USPS Priority Mail unless other arrangements are made. The … Continue reading Shipping & Deposit Policies (Please Read!)

How do I order a custom firearm?

First off, thank you for your interest in my work. I have a particular fondness for iron mounted southern rifles; particularly the guns made in the region from Rockbridge County Virginia southwest into East Tennessee. I am currently concentrating on building rifles of Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee; but I welcome orders for any flintlock … Continue reading How do I order a custom firearm?

Late Flint Virginia Shot Pouch & Powder Horn

I just finished this shot pouch and powder horn for a Virginian headed south to the Texas fight for independence. It represents late flint pouch from the central Valley of Virginia, and is based on an example from Rockingham Co, VA as documented by Madison Grant in his book on hunting pouches. The horn is … Continue reading Late Flint Virginia Shot Pouch & Powder Horn

Late Colonial Powder Horn

This powder horn was made from a raw horn in a late colonial style. I scraped it down, carved and filed the spout in the traditional manner. The plain domed base plug was carved from pine and held in place with wooden pegs. I turned the stopper from a scrap piece of curly maple. The … Continue reading Late Colonial Powder Horn

Gun #12 – An Iron Mounted Virginia Chunk Gun

An Unusual Iron Mounted Rifle The longrifle shown here is an iron mounted chunk gun with stylistic elements found on guns from the Augusta/Rockbridge area of Virginia down into southwest Virginia. This rifle includes a four-piece iron patchbox and a faceted trigger guard and thimbles similar to a couple of rifles from Wallace Gusler’s step-toe … Continue reading Gun #12 – An Iron Mounted Virginia Chunk Gun