Custom Longrifles

Thank you for your interest in my work. I specialize in flintlock longrifles and have a particular fondness for iron mounted, southern, longrifles; particularly the guns made in the region from Rockbridge County Virginia southwest into East Tennessee. I am currently concentrating on fancier rifles from this area, but am willing to discuss most any … Continue reading Custom Longrifles

Firearm Repair and Conservation

Services I am able to repair or conserve most muzzle loading firearms, and I only work on muzzle loading firearms. Please don’t contact me about anything made after 1898 or that uses commercially available ammunition. I am not licensed to do such work and am not interested in it. For valuable antiques, I will confine … Continue reading Firearm Repair and Conservation

Professional Firearms Photography

Photography Services Standard Photography Packages I have been doing professional quality photography of firearms and accouterments for a number of years. This started as an effort to document my own work. Now, I occasionally provide professional firearms and accouterments photography services to others. I offer a standard documentary package for a rifle or other long … Continue reading Professional Firearms Photography

Custom Shot Pouches, Powder Horns, and Measure Sets

I make historically correct shot pouches and powder horns to go with my rifles. These are relatively plain affairs much like the originals. I particularly like making banded, screw-tip or attached tip powder horns. See Portfolio/Accouterments for examples of my work. To discuss a project and get a quote use the Contact form to send … Continue reading Custom Shot Pouches, Powder Horns, and Measure Sets

Custom Fraktur

I offer a number of fraktur works on the Fraktur Documents and Fraktur Paintings pages including printed and hand colored, birth certificates and house blessings. However, I can do a completely custom work for you. If you want a completely orginial birth/baptism or marriage certificate, a house blessing, or a family tree, we can talk … Continue reading Custom Fraktur