Fraktur Illustrations

Original Fraktur Illustrations Shown here are some of my original designs inspired by 18th and 19th Century fraktur. Fraktur is the term for the illuminated documents created in the 18th & 19th centuries by German speaking immigrants. The originals (as opposed to prints) of the designs shown here are hand drawn, hand inked, and hand … Continue reading Fraktur Illustrations

Fraktur Documents

Below are examples of a hand lettered and hand colored Geburts Schein (Birth Certificate) and a Haus Segen (House Blessing). These are my original designs, and are available printed on heavy weight(at least 60lb), 8.5″ x 11″ (may vary a little with the paper source), acid-free paper. Either one of these designs could be used … Continue reading Fraktur Documents

Gun #12 – Iron Mounted Virginia Longrifle

An Unusual Iron Mounted Rifle The longrifle shown here is an iron mounted chunk gun with stylistic elements found on guns from the Augusta/Rockbridge area of Virginia down into southwest Virginia and eastern Tennessee.  This rifle includes a four-piece iron patchbox of a style common in the region and is based on a rifle from … Continue reading Gun #12 – Iron Mounted Virginia Longrifle