Show Schedule

Show display table with fraktur, hunting pouches, and powder horns.


Travel has been hard on me for some time due to one physical challenge or another.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and my personal health situation,  I decided to cancel all my event and travel plans for 2020.   Unfortunately,  2021 is not looking a lot better.   The experts I have been listening to are saying that we will not start to get back to normal until 2022 and that the recovery will take a couple of years.  Consequently,  I am only going to plan on attending the VA/ Kentucky Rifle Show in Front Royal in October of 2021.   I am hoping that by then, most of the country will have been vaccinated.   Until then,  everything I make on spec will be posted on this web site, the CLA site, and Etsy.   Of course,  I continue to accept bespoke work.  I appreciate your continued patronage.

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  1. I have a kit 32 caliber crockett gun that I just received 🙂 I have been looking at different sites for ides when finishing, and I really like your work. Congratulations on the talent, but moreso the dedication and discipline for striving for perfection.

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