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Explore my workshop below using virtual reality. Click on the white arrows in the blue circles to go to that point in the image. Once there, use your pointing device to click and drag the cursor to spin the image around and up and down. Click again if the cursor won’t let go of the image. Using your scroll function, you can zoom in and out. It takes a little practice to get the hang of it.

If you are interested in a virtual reality tour for your website, use the Contact page to ask me about it. I can easily create a tour for your web site that will run on both Apple and non-Apple platforms including mobile devices.

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  1. Hello,
    I have a J.Griffith target muzzle loader that dates back to the 1850-1860’s. Over time, previous owners have drilled several holes in the top of the barrel, and added a few extra dovetails. The bore is bright, as it was stored for many years lubed with grease. When I received it, there was a Mauser rear sight, and a very rough looking home made hooded front sight.

    I am looking to have the extra sight holes, and unneeded dovetails in the barrel repaired. Also, I don’t know what sights may have come on this rifle but would like some advise on what would be age appropriate. The barrel tang has been drilled with two small holes on a 1 1/8″ center. I have pics if it would help. Thanks Mike

  2. Mike,

    The extra screw holes and empty dovetail slots are easy for an experienced gunsmith to fix. A nice brown or rust blue can be done to the barrel after the repairs. As to historically correct sights, some sort of tang sight like a Creedmore Vernier is most likely what was was on the gun. A hooded post and/or bead type sight was probably on the front. There are a lot of guns like that in the book, The Muzzle Loading Caplock Rifle which was written in the early 20th Century by a man who had been shooting those rifles. It is probably a book you should check out if you want to shoot the rifle. However, before you do, you should have the barrel checked over by a competent gunsmith. He will want to make sure you have sufficient barrel wall between those screw holes and dovetail slots and the bore. He will also want to pull the breech pin (plug) and make sure it is in good shape. You also want to make sure the lock and triggers are safe. Of course, only black powder should be used in any muzzle loader.



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