Lifetime Warranty (Please Read!)

All my work carries a lifetime warranty(my lifetime – as long as I am able to do the work) against defects in MY workmanship to the original purchaser. Any such defects will be remedied by repairs or replacement at my discretion. Any other problems due to abuse, accident, lack of proper maintenance, or failure of parts/materials from third parties will be repaired at my cost for parts, raw materials, and supplies plus labor at current rate if I determine that such repairs are practical. Each party pays the shipping/insurance on their end for repairs or replacement due to defects in MY workmanship. The purchaser pays for the shipping both ways if the defect is due to any cause other than my poor workmanship.

I offer this quite generous warranty because I want my work to last and be valued for many lifetimes. Also, if there are problems with my work, I want to know so that they can be corrected going forward. The satisfaction of my customers is very important to me. I don’t care if it has been one month or ten years, if you are having a problem with one of my products, I want to hear about it, and I will do my best to correct the problem.

There are a couple of important exceptions to my warranty with regard to firearms. The fit is one. I will only warrant the fit and comfort of a gun if I had the opportunity to fit the gun to the customer in person, in my shop, prior to the final finishing of the firearm. I know this can be a problem if the purchaser is a considerable distance from my shop. However, there is no way for me to know exactly how any given firearm will fit a customer that I have never seen or seen shoulder the same type of firearm. Additionally, I cannot be held responsible for the weight, balance, or recoil of a firearm when such elements are dictated by the customers design choices such as barrel, ignition system, or style of gun. I will explain the pros and cons of various barrel choices as well as the ignition system, but the customer is ultimately responsible for their design and engineering choices. The same goes for the choice of a particular style or school of gunmaking. During the initial consultation, I will discuss with the customer, the fitness for a particular use, of a particular style firearm with a given set of components, and given measurements. However, once the design choices have been made and a contract written, the customer must take responsibility for those choices.

Mark E. Elliott


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