Tools for Cutting Mouldings

Scratchstock-1Scratchstock-3On many longrifles, there are mouldings along the forearm (usually the upper forearm) and along toe of the buttstock. Most often these are simple raised moldings cut in with a knife or chisel and then relieved behind the cut with the chisel. The moulding is usually cleaned up using a slim triangular file with the tip ground off forming a scraping surface. The same tools may used for incised lines. The photo to the right shows a lower buttstock moulding cut with just the knife and the chisel.


For more complex mouldings, a scratchstock may be useful. The scratchstock shown here was made for the unusual moulding found on a group of Rockbridge Country Virginia guns (including John Davidson) and applied to my Gun #10. The blade in this scratchstock is ground to produce both the upper forearm moulding and the buttstock toe moulding. To use the scratchstock, the top bar runs along the top of the barrel channel to cut the forearm moulding and along the toe for the lower buttstock moulding.


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