Are You a Maker Looking for Help?

If you are looking for help, advice, or guidance in recreating longrifles, shot pouches or powder horns; I strongly suggest you check out the (ALR) forums, tutorials, and library. It is a great resource for all levels of artisans recreating traditional muzzle loading firearms and accouterments.   Most of the top makers in the country are active members  and most of them are more than willing to help fellow artisans of all skill levels.  There are also tutorials on all aspects of recreating longrifles, shot pouches, powder horns and all manner of related items as well as a library of notable antique longrifles for study.

If you have questions about any of my previous work, use the form below. Please keep in mind that I am NOT taking orders for new work nor is any of the work presented on this site for sale. Most of it was sold long ago.

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