IT Professional

I have extensive experience in information technologies (IT) mostly in the capacity of a systems engineer with clients at all levels of the organization to ascertain client needs and create appropriate technical solutions.  I left IT for a number of years for personal and family reasons; at least part of the time pursuing my avocations as a way to make a living.  For over 10 years,  I supported my business operations by creating and maintaining my own web presence, mostly in WordPress.   In fact, most of my sales were facilitated by my websites.  Unfortunately, my chosen business pursuits represented such a small market segment, there just wasn’t much money to be made.   I had known that for some time,  but pursued the dream until the pandemic put the final nail in the coffin

So, at the end of 2021,  I decided to close my business and sign up for a coding boot camp at the University of Richmond to become a full stack developer.   As I had indicated, I had spent a good bit of my time doing basic web development in support of my personal and business interests including creating and running for many years.  It was something I enjoyed and it seemed as if the time had come to pursue it professionally.  

Given my degree in Information Systems, my previous IT experience, as well as my practical web development work, I feel that I am well positioned to start this new career.  I bring a lot of experience in the IT project life cycle working with people from the mailroom to the C-suite to determine the pertinent deliverables and focus on the job at hand.   I understand business priorities, change management, and have a track record of getting the job done.   I have a good bit of experience breaking down complex projects and problems into manageable tasks and resolving them one at a time.  Lastly,  but not least, I have many years of experience learning new skills.  I believe I would be an asset to any organization in this rapidly changing world.

Click on the image below to be directed to my professional portfolio written in React. It contains links to some of the web sites and applications that I have created along with technical details about them. There is also a downloadable copy of my current full-stack resume.