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If you are looking for gun building help, advice, or guidance; I strongly suggest you check out (ALR). It is a great resource for all levels of artisans recreating traditional muzzle loading firearms and accouterments. There are tutorials on all aspects of recreating longrifles, shot pouches, powder horns and all manner of related items. The ALR Bruce Miller Virtual Museum & Library is a constantly growing resource courtesy of many generous antique longrifle collectors. Finally, most of the top longrifle, shot pouch, and powder horn makers in the country are active members of the ALR Forums, and most of them are more than willing to help fellow artisans of all skill levels. I answer questions in the ALR Gunbuilding Forum as time allows. I also ask almost as many questions as I answer. 😉

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Please Note: I am no longer taking any gun work of any kind. That includes repair and conservation work. I plan to focus on leather and horn work as well as fraktur. Lastly, I ask not to be contacted with offers of items or services for sale. I will not respond to such e-mails.

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