Mark Elliott

Muzzleloading Craftsman

Mark Elliott self portrait with powder horn

Effective immediately, I am not taking any more bespoke work.  I have decided to return to a career in Information Technology and will be concentrating my time toward that effort.   I will maintain this site for the time being to sell my remaining inventory and to share my personal work.

Since I was a teenager,  I have been a muzzleloading artist and craftsman, obsessed with the recreation of flintlock longrifles and accouterments. My particular interest, being a Virginian, is in longrifles from Virginia and East Tennessee along with their associated shot pouches, and powder horns.

Not Just a Muzzleloading Craftsman

While I have generally referred to myself as a gunmaker for many years; I have interests in all sorts of arts and crafts including leather and horn muzzleloading accessories, fraktur (18th and 19th century German American calligraphy & folk art), period cabinet making and joinery, wood turning, sewing, and photography. For the past three years I have concentrated on the recreation of shot pouches and powder horns like the ones shown to the left.  I have also continued to build longrifles for myself including the one at the top of this page.   However,  the pandemic has been hard on sales and I have decided to pursue the recreation of muzzle loading firearms and accessories only as a hobby and return to a career in Information Technology as a developer.  

Many Shot Pouches & Powder Horns

As a muzzleloading artist and craftsman, I have lost track of how many shot pouches and powder horns I have made.  For many years I did not number or mark my muzzleloading accessories.  Numbering shot pouches and powder horns didn’t start until 2008 and my marking of leather goods has been uneven at best.  Until 2019, shot pouches and powder horns were fill-in work between muzzleloading gun projects, but from 2019 to 2021 I concentrated on pouches and horns making 45 horns and 33 pouches.   All my horns are marked with my initials, the year made and sometimes, a serial number.

A Southern Craftsman

My interest tends to be southern rifles, shot pouches and powder horns.   With regard to horns,  I particularly like banded, applied tip horns.   Those may be pinned or screw-tips of horn or antler.  I use walnut, cherry, and maple for the base plugs and stoppers.   See Portfolio/Pouches & Powder Horns for examples of my work.  

Christ's Apprentice

As important as recreating flintlock longrifles and accouterments is to me,   I strive to make Christ the most important thing in my life on a daily basis because he died and rose again on the third day so that sinners like you and I might be forgiven our sins, gain power in this life, and gain eternal life.   I have had some very difficult challenges with my health and have seen some very dark times.  It is only through faith, prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit that I have made it through many days.  I have also been blessed in innumerable ways, including the loss of about 180 lbs, which I believe has kept out of a wheelchair.  Life isn’t easy, and Christians aren’t perfect.  I am certainly very far from perfect.   As a sinner needing forgiveness; just ask Christ into your life; sincerely repent of your sins; rejoice in the fact that your sins, past, present, and future are forgiven and forgotten; and let the Lord help you each day to become the person he wants you to be. Not unlike mastering the recreation of flintlock longrifles, it is a life long, difficult, journey, but the end of the journey is eternal life.  Don’t wait,  start your journey today!  Jesus loves you and is waiting for you to ask him into your life. Once you do, you will also find that he will lift your burdens and make things possible that are far beyond your capabilities.