Handmade Colonial English Flintlock

Handmade Tumbler Trouble In conjunction with some recent repair/restoration work, I have started working on an all handmade flintlock. That means one made of wrought iron in the same manner as an 18th century Virginia gun shop including making all the screws. I have completed a set of templates for the lock and have forged … Continue reading Handmade Colonial English Flintlock

Custom Longrifles

Thank you for your interest in my work. I specialize in flintlock longrifles and have a particular fondness for iron mounted, southern, longrifles; particularly the guns made in the region from Rockbridge County Virginia southwest into East Tennessee. I am currently concentrating on fancier rifles from this area, but am willing to discuss most any … Continue reading Custom Longrifles

Firearm Repair and Conservation

Services I am able to repair or conserve most muzzle loading firearms, and I only work on muzzle loading firearms. Please don’t contact me about anything made after 1898 or that uses commercially available ammunition. I am not licensed to do such work and am not interested in it. For valuable antiques, I will confine … Continue reading Firearm Repair and Conservation

How Much Does a Longrifle, Shot Pouch, or Powder Horn Cost?

When I tell people what I do, they invariably ask how much I would charge them to make them a longrifle, shot pouch or powder horn. Usually, they are disappointed once I tell them.   The sad truth is that good custom work costs a lot and the craftsman still doesn’t make much money. I am … Continue reading How Much Does a Longrifle, Shot Pouch, or Powder Horn Cost?

Gun #17 – 1770-1775 Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia Longrifle

This is going to be a carved and engraved longrifle for my brother based on the early Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia longrifle documented by Wallace Gusler in the Journal of Historical Armsmaking Technology (JHAT) Volume 2.  This Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia longrifle, by an unknown maker, probably dates from 1770-1775.   I am using a slightly earlier style lock and … Continue reading Gun #17 – 1770-1775 Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia Longrifle

Personal 1775-1785 Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia Longrifle

This was going to be a completely handmade rifle, but I have given in to realities of my health. I think a forge welded barrel is beyond me. So now, this is going to be made with a commercial lock and barrel. It still will be a highly carved and engraved rifle for my personal … Continue reading Personal 1775-1785 Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia Longrifle

Late Colonial Powder Horn

This powder horn was made from a raw horn in a late colonial style. I scraped it down, carved and filed the spout in the traditional manner. The plain domed base plug was carved from pine and held in place with wooden pegs. I turned the stopper from a scrap piece of curly maple. The … Continue reading Late Colonial Powder Horn

Gun #12 – An Iron Mounted Virginia Chunk Gun

An Unusual Iron Mounted Rifle The longrifle shown here is an iron mounted chunk gun with stylistic elements found on guns from the Augusta/Rockbridge area of Virginia down into southwest Virginia. This rifle includes a four-piece iron patchbox and a faceted trigger guard and thimbles similar to a couple of rifles from Wallace Gusler’s step-toe … Continue reading Gun #12 – An Iron Mounted Virginia Chunk Gun

Gun #11 – Iron Mounted Virginia Longrifle with Silver Wire

This is a fantasy longrifle based on iron mounted rifles found in Southwest Virginia and East Tennessee in the early 1800s. Without the wire inlay, this rifle would be very close to the Joseph Bogle Jr. rifle made in East Tennessee. That rifle actually had more in common with the rifles of the southern Valley … Continue reading Gun #11 – Iron Mounted Virginia Longrifle with Silver Wire

John Davidson Rifle

Shown here is a previously unpublished John Davidson longrifle. It was made for a farmer in Rockbridge county Virginia and is still in the family. While the rifle is the victim of a very poor restoration job many years ago, there is still considerable artistic merit to the gun. The longrifle is mostly intact. The … Continue reading John Davidson Rifle