An Engraved Bison Horn

Micmac style engraving on bison horn

Shown here is a bison horn that I was provided by a client for engraving.  I was asked to do something primitive, along the lines of cave or rock paintings.   I really wanted to do something a little more sophisticated than that. What I suggested was some designs inspired by Micmac powder horn engravings.   The […]

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Gun #19 Augusta/Rockbridge Virginia Longrifle

An Early Virginia Longrifle This is a 1785 Augusta/Rockbridge County, Virginia style longrifle based on the earlier of the two rifles documented by Wallace Gusler in the Journal of Historical Arms Making Technology, Volume II (JHAT II). The patchbox and its engraving is an original design extrapolated from the box on the early gun documented […]

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A New Shot Pouch, Powder Horn & Patch Knife

Click on image for larger view. Press Esc. to return. I recently decided that I have too many historically correct shooting outfits for guns I have yet to build that I never use. Consequently, I resolved to sell those outfits and make an entirely new shooting outfit for myself making the shot pouch, powder horn […]

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Two Fraktur Decorated Applied-tip Powder Horns

Small Fraktur Decorated Applied-Tip Powder Horn (#52) This small fraktur engraved powder horn (#52) is a traditional left hand carry that can be carried either way.   It is approximately 13.5″ around the outside curve and 10″ tip to tip not including the stopper.   The Cherry base plug is 2.25″ in diameter.   The two piece applied-tip […]

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Horn Containers

Shown below are two small engraved horn containers that I made as Christmas gifts. This is the first time I have made this sort of horn container. I had to make a larger mandrel to turn the 3″ plus diameter horn sections. I learned after the fact that I could have straightened taller horn sections […]

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Fraktur Painted Blanket Chest

Given that my work fell off by about half this year due to the pandemic economic downturn,  I started to fill my time with personal projects.  This blanket chest has been on my personal project list for some time.    I finally got it finished.   This chest is approximately 50″ L x 24″ W x 28” […]

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Early Virginia Powder Horn with Color Scrimshaw

Horn #57 - Early VA Powder Horn with Color Scrimshaw showing a male Cardinal and dogwood flowers.

Shown here is a bespoke powder horn with color scrimshaw.   The form of the horn is Early Virginia with a turned  beaded hard maple base plug and a turned Axis deer antler tip.  This right hand  horn is approximately 14.75″ around the outside curve, 12.25″ tip to tip, and with a 2.375″ diameter base plug.    […]

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Embroidered Diary Case/Shot Pouch

Pouch 48/ Horn 56 – Embroidered Diary Case/Shot Pouch with a small southern banded powder horn. I decided to try my hand at the embroidered diary case/shot pouch on pages 34-37 of Jim Webb’s book on shot pouches and powder horns of Southern Appalachia. This is my interpretation of that bag. I made a few […]

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Southern Banded Powder Horns

Feature - Horn #54 - banded, screw-tip powder horn

On this page I have some southern  multi-banded powder horns.   These types of horns are typically found in North Carolina and south.  The single banded horns are covered on the Virginia Applied Tip Powder Horns page.   All these horns have applied tips with most being screw-tips. This medium sized horn (Horn #54) is a traditional […]

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A Grandfather’s Gift – An Applied-tip Powder Horn with Color Fraktur Scrimshaw (Horn #49)

This traditional right hand powder horn was a gift from a grandfather to his four year old grandson.   He wanted a powder horn with my color fraktur scrimshaw that had his grandson’s name.   I kept the powder horn simple with a relatively plain domed cherry base plug with a finial and turned Axis deer antler […]

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