Iron Mounted Eastern Tennessee Rifle

East TN Rifle - Full Right

This is an original, fully iron mounted rifle most likely made somewhere on the border of southwest Virginia and northeast Tennessee probably between 1820 and 1830..   The lines of the breech stock look Virginia while the mounts are typical East Tennessee.   The stock is a plain piece of Black Walnut in pretty good shape with the exception of saddle wear through to the ramrod hole.  They barrel has been shortened at the breech at least once about three inches.   All the parts appear to be original, and the lock and triggers still work exceptionally well.  The lock is a cheap hardware store variety with no fly or half cock notch.  There is stamped decoration (circles) around the muzzle and the rear buckhorn sight.   The barrel is particularly heavy and coned.  The coning makes it difficult to guage the caliber, but I estimate it at about 38 caliber.   Particularly when you consider that two or three inches were cut off this barrel lightening it some, it is pretty clear that this gun was not shot offhand.  This gun had to be shot from some sort of rest.   This rifle shows lots of honest wear and in-service repairs. I see no evidence of modern repairs or restoration.

  • Overall Length:  60″
  • Barrel Length:  42″
  • Caliber: 38
East TN Rifle - Full Left
East TN Rifle - Full Top
East TN Rifle - Full Bottom
East TN Rifle - Half Right - shows East Tennessee iron mounts and a small greese hole at the back of the butt stock.
East TN Rifle - Half Left
East TN Rifle - Half Top
East TN Rifle - Half Bottom - shows saddle wear through to the ramrod.
East TN Rifle - Lock - shows a late, hardware store type, flintlock.
East TN Rifle - Side Plate - show short iron plate that is not much more than a simple strip of iron.
East TN Rifle - Tang - shows a short spear shaped tang.
East TN Rifle - Trigger Guard  - shows a typical, squarish, iron, East Tenneessee style guard.

2 thoughts on “Iron Mounted Eastern Tennessee Rifle

  1. Mr. Elliot,

    I’m interested in learning where you are located. I possess a percussion Longrifle very similar to the one pictured above, and would be very interested in having you take a look at it and make an assessment/recommendation on how to possibly restore it and improve it’s condition, even possibly make it operational. I’m originally from East Tennessee, but have relatives from both SW Virginia and NE Tennessee. Please respond with a location/phone no. if you are within reasonable distance from the Tri-Cities, Tennessee area.

    Thank you,

    – Steven P. Starnes

  2. I love this gun, I first seen the pics of it in the alr library, possibly the most attractive rifle out there in my opinion….

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