Recommended Books & Videos for the Southern Longrifle and Accouterment Maker

The following books and videos have been the most valuable to me in the recreation of Southern (Virginia/Kentucky/North Carolina/Tennessee) longrifles and accouterments.



Longrifle Books

  • Rifles of Colonial America, Vols l & ll, by George Shumway
  • Thoughts on the Kentucky Rifle in its Golden Age, by Joe Kindig Jr.
  • Longrifles of North Carolina, by John Bivins
  • Kentucky Rifles & Pistols 1750-1850, by the Kentucky Rifle Association
  • Long Rifles of Virginia, by Butler & Whisker
  • Gunsmiths of Virginia, by James Whisker
  • Gunsmiths of West Virginia, by Lambert & Whisker
  • Gunsmiths of the Carolinas 1660-1870, by Whisker, Bryan, Russo & McKight
  • Notes on Southern Long Rifles, Vols 1-4, by Jerry Noble
  • The American Rifle: At the Battle at Kings Mountain by C.P. Russell, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Washington, D.C., 1941
  • Rifle Making in the Great Smoky Mountains by Arthur I. Kendall, U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service, Washington, D.C., 1941

Accouterment Books

  • The Kentucky Rifle Hunting Pouch, by Madison Grant
  • Powder Horns and Their Architecture, by Madison Grant
  • Powder Horns: Documentation of History, by Tom Grinslade
  • Sketches of Hunting Pouches, Powder Horns, and Accoutrements of Southern Appalachia, by Jim Webb

Advanced Study on Longrifles and Accouterments

  • Drawings of Rifle Gun Triggers, Locks, Fittings & Etc., Observations & Notes, by Jim Webb
  • Gun Worms, by Jim Webb
  • Journal of Historical Armsmaking Technology, Vols I-V, by the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association
  • Seeing Through the Eyes of Yesterday, The Kentucky Rifle and the Golden Mean, by Patrick E. Hallam
  • Artistic Ingredients of the Longrifle, by Joe Kindig III

Contemporary Longrifles

  • Three Centuries of Tradition, The Renaissance of Custom Sporting Arms in America, by Mark Silver & Wallace Gusler for The Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Gunmaker References

  • Recreating the American Longrifle, by William Buchelle, George Shumway, & Peter Alexander
  • The Gunsmith of Grenville County – Building the American Longrifle, by Peter A. Alexander
  • The Art of Building the Pennsylvania Longrifle, by Chuck Dixon
  • Gunsmithing Tips & Projects (The John Bivins articles from Rifle magazine), by Wolf Publishing Company

Accouterment Maker References

  • The Book of Buckskinning II-IV, by Scurlock Publishing
  • Recreating the 18th Century Hunting Pouch, by T.C. Albert
  • Recreating the 18th Century Powder Horn, by Scott & Cathy Sibley


Videos for the Gunmaker

  • Building a Kentucky Rifle, by Hershel House
  • Basic Blacksmithing, by Hershel House
  • Traditional Gunstocking, by Mark Silver
  • Relief Carving a Kentucky Rifle Circa 1775, by Wallace Gusler
  • Engraving a Kentucky Rifle Circa 1775, by Wallace Gusler
  • Forging a Flintlock Rifle Barrel, with Jon Laubach

If you have a favorite resource that is not on this list, Contact me and I will add it to the list.