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  • Virginia Single Banded, Applied-tip Powder Horn #40

    Virginia Single Banded, Applied-tip Powder Horn #40

    This is a Virginia inspired, banded, applied-tip powder horn.    It is a left hand horn that may be worn on either side.   The tip is Axis deer antler.   The base plug and stopper are black walnut.   The horn has been dyed with ferric nitrate and gently aged.    The horn is […]

  • Virginia “Acorn” Powder Horn #39

    Virginia “Acorn” Powder Horn #39

    This is a powder horn that I have had on my build list a while and finally got around to doing it.   It is a recreation of a horn shown on pages 334-335 of Jay Hopkin’s book Bone Tipped & Banded Horns.   That horn was found in Virginia and the acorn is a Virginia motif. […]

  • Care & Use of a Muzzleloading Firearm

    This document is not intended to provide detailed instruction in the loading and shooting of a traditional muzzle loading weapon or substitute for personal shooting instruction by an experienced muzzle loading shooter.   It is assumed that the novice muzzle loading shooter will seek proper instruction before using their new custom firearm. Shooting Never use anything […]