U.S. Rifleman Powder Horn

This project is really unusual. I was asked to produce a powder horn appropriate for for an U.S. issue 1803 rifleman’s pouch. You don’t see very many military issue powder horns as most muzzle loading military weapons used paper cartridges. However, a rifle that shoots a patched round ball requires a powder horn or flask.

I was able to find a couple of original arsenal issued rifleman’s horns. They have base plugs like the one in the example shown here, that are dished out to form a funnel around the removable filler plug hole.

There are some differences between the original and the horn shown here. First, the strap was attached to the filler plug on the original via a groove turned in the filler plug. However, the customer wanted loops for the strap attachment. Hence the wire loops in this horn.

Second, the original horn had a metal tip with a spring loaded valve. At the time I was making this horn, I could not acquire a reproduction metal tip, and the customer did not want to pay for me to fabricate one. So, I decided to use a plain screw-tip as a plausible period replacement for the metal tip.

I hope you like the result.


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