Fraktur Illustrations

Original Fraktur Illustrations

Shown here are some of my original designs inspired by 18th and 19th Century fraktur. Fraktur is the term for the illuminated documents created in the 18th & 19th centuries by German speaking immigrants to America.  Fraktur is typically associated with Pennsylvania, but it can be found anywhere that large groups of German speaking peoples settled, including my home state of Virginia.  The originals (as opposed to prints) of the designs shown here are hand drawn, hand inked, and hand colored using period correct water colors. These and my other illustrations are not a copy of antique fraktur but an expression of my own vision and creativity using cohesive motifs from antique documents. 

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Birds of Paradise

Purely decorative contemporary framed fraktur water color of several birds and flowers.


Purely decorative contemporary fraktur water color of a green parot and a fireworks of flowers mounted in a hand painted frame.

Blossoming of Faith

Purely decorative contemporary framed fraktur water color representative of the Blossoming of Faith.

Tree of Life

contempoary fraktur water color of spiritual tree of life with wheat, thistles, flowers, and an angel

Fraktur Christmas Tree

Contempoary fraktur watercolor painting of a frakture Christmas tree.

12 Point Star

Contemporary fraktur water color painting of yellow and blue 12 point star design


Decorative Fraktur painting after 19th Century Valley of Virginia artist.

Recovery 2

This fraktur is a representation of my recovery in a 12 step program.