Fraktur, Banded, Applied-tip Powder Horn #37

I have generally avoided scrimshaw because I have trouble controlling my hands.  However, I decided that I wanted to try again. I made this banded, applied-tip horn and added some fraktur scrimshaw. This is a traditional right hand carry horn with the horn itself from the right side of the cow. The horn has an antler tip and is a little less than 13.5″ around the outside curve not including the stopper. The base plug is a little less than 2.5″ in diameter. The base plug and stopper are walnut. I have just applied Tried and True to the wood and horn and have not aged the horn.

The fraktur features a peacock on the outside panel. The peacock represents Christ and is holding a tree of life with three tulips representing the trinity. There is another tree of life on the other side of the horn.

After finishing the scrimshaw and posting some photos, my colleages convinced me to color the fraktur scrimshaw.   So, I proceeded to add color to the horn.  I started by staining the horn with ferric nitrate giving me a parchment like base.   Then, I colored the fraktur as close to my watercolors as possible using Winston & Newton drawing inks.  I hope you like the result.

The bespoke price for for a horn like this is $275 for the base horn (turned base, applied-tip, and band).   Similar scrimshaw would be $200.   Color added to the horn would be another $100.  Then there is $25 shipping/insurance and any applicable Virginia sales tax.

If you like this, perhaps you might be interested in some of my other fraktur such as my Birth/Baptismal/Marriage Certificates or paintings.

Horn #37 – Banded, applied-tip, powder horn with fraktur – Outside
Horn #37 – Banded, applied-tip, powder horn with fraktur – Inside
Horn #37 – Banded, applied-tip, powder horn with fraktur – Top
Horn #37 – Banded, applied-tip, powder horn with fraktur – Bottom


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