Fraktur Painted Blanket Chest

Given that my work fell off by about half this year due to the pandemic economic downturn,  I started to fill my time with personal projects.  This blanket chest has been on my personal project list for some time.    I finally got it finished.   This chest is approximately 50″ L x 24″ W x 28” H and is made up of six glued up pine panels.   It is assembled with hand cut dovetails.  The bottom, apron, and lid edges are all pegged in place.

The painted finish started with a deep red base of furniture paint.   That was then covered with a sponge applied black acrylic glaze.   The fraktur painted panels used acrylic gesso as a base.   The fraktur designs were painted in acrylic artist’s paints.

This item is not for sale and I do not intend to build another of this size.  However, I might be open to making a much smaller painted chest or box.  If you like this, perhaps you might be interested in some of my other fraktur such as my Birth/Baptismal/Marriage Certificates or paintings.