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  • A New Shot Pouch, Powder Horn & Patch Knife

    A New Shot Pouch, Powder Horn & Patch Knife

    Click on image for larger view. Press Esc. to return. I recently decided that I have too many historically correct shooting outfits for guns I have yet to build that I never use. Consequently, I resolved to sell those outfits and make an entirely new shooting outfit for myself making the shot pouch, powder horn […]

  • Tin Powder Measure Set

    Tin Powder Measure Set

    This is a powder measure set that I created for Bag #12. It consists of a tin-plated steel powder measure, pan brush and vent pick.  The pan brush is horse hair with a tin ferrule and the vent pick is made of music wire.   Three flats are ground on the end of the vent pick […]