Gun #16 – Early Jacob Dickert Flintlock Longrifle

Best of Class

This is a rifle in the style of an early Jacob Dickert. It shares characteristics with the Moravian rifle makers at Christian Springs. This rifle has been slightly aged per the wishes of the customer.

This rifle was awarded the Best of Class ribbon in Master-Traditional at the 2016 Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair.

2016 Best of Class and other ribbons for the Early Jacob Dickert longrifle

The Technical Details

Stock:A fancy, dense piece of sugar maple from Harrison Saw Mill.
Lock:Chambers Early Germanic
Barrel:Rice 38″, 50 caliber, C weight Transitional profile with a Chambers White Lightning liner
Trigger:Modified Davis double set triggers
Mounts:Soft yellow brass butt piece and guard from Reeves Goehring. The rest are from brass sheet.


The Final Result

In-Process Photos


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2 Responses

  1. This is a very elegant rifle. I love the way you keep it so period and not contemporary looking like so many builders
    do today. Your rifles and especially this one, are classics in their architecture and execution. I love your carving and engraving in they look properly period and not modern. Your finish also speaks to a rifle that has been used but never abused. Congratulations on your ribbons at Dixons. I just wish I could have been there.

  2. Mark,
    Heartfelt congratulations. A beautiful rife… Nice as old #14!

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