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  • Embroidered Diary Case/Shot Pouch

    Embroidered Diary Case/Shot Pouch

    Pouch 48/ Horn 56 – Embroidered Diary Case/Shot Pouch with a small southern banded powder horn. I decided to try my hand at the embroidered diary case/shot pouch on pages 34-37 of Jim Webb’s book on shot pouches and powder horns of Southern Appalachia. This is my interpretation of that bag. I made a few […]

  • Late Flint Virginia Shot Pouch & Powder Horn

    Late Flint Virginia Shot Pouch & Powder Horn

    I made this shot pouch and powder horn for a Virginian headed south to the Texas fight for independence. It represents late flint pouch from the central Valley of Virginia, and is based on an example from Rockingham Co, VA as documented by Madison Grant in his book on hunting pouches. The horn is my […]

  • Fur Trade Era Hunting Pouch with Fraktur Embroidery Insert

    Fur Trade Era Hunting Pouch with Fraktur Embroidery Insert

    The Face of God Fraktur I decided that I wanted to combine my fraktur (18th & 19th Century German-American folk art) work with my leather work in some way.   Some sort of embroidery seemed the most sensible way to do it.   So, I decided to create an original fraktur design hand embroidered on a canvas […]

  • Plain Southern Powder Horns

    Plain Southern Powder Horns

    The vast majority of original powder horns were as plain as they could be and still be functional. That means a flat pine (or other softwood) base plug and little or no carving of the throat; just enough work to contain powder and attach a strap. Many times a screw was used to attach a […]

  • 18th Century Style Mens’ Pocketbook

    18th Century Style Mens’ Pocketbook

    Not too long ago, my osteopath told me I needed to take my overstuffed wallet out of my back pocket and ditch it. It was pretty ratty anyway; almost worn through in places. I shopped around for a replacement but just couldn’t find anything just right. I needed to carry my drivers license, registration, proof […]