Fur Trade Era Shot or Hunting Pouches

Golden Age of Hunting Pouches For many years I have concentrated on 18th century shot pouches and simple mountain shot pouches.   These are generally small and of simple construction.   Some may have been made by harness makers but most were home made.    When we get to the 19th century,   the shot pouch or hunting pouch […]

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Fraktur Illustrations

Original Fraktur Illustrations Shown here are some of my original designs inspired by 18th and 19th Century fraktur. Fraktur is the term for the illuminated documents created in the 18th & 19th centuries by German speaking immigrants to America.  Fraktur is typically associated with Pennsylvania, but it can be found anywhere that large groups of […]

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Southern Mountain Shot Pouches & Powder Horns

Horn #7 - Side

Southern Heart Shaped Shot Pouch Most of the southern mountain shot pouches shown on this page were copied from Jim Webb’s book Sketches of Hunting Pouches, Powder Horns, and Accoutrements of Southern Appalachia. I made the first, heart shaped, shot pouches pictured here exactly as shown on pages 18-19; approximately 7.5″wide x 7.5″ high, using […]

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Virginia Applied Tip Powder Horns

Applied tip powder horns, as the name implies, have turned horn, antler, or bone tips that either screw onto or are pinned to the powder horn body.  These are professionally made horns that had turned butt plugs as well, and sometimes turned horn bands. Screw-tip powder horns were made as early as the French and Indian […]

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U.S. Rifleman Powder Horn

This project is really unusual. I was asked to produce a powder horn appropriate for for an U.S. issue 1803 rifleman’s pouch. You don’t see very many military issue powder horns as most muzzle loading military weapons used paper cartridges. However, a rifle that shoots a patched round ball requires a powder horn or flask. […]

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Gun #18 – An Alfred Gross Style Longrifle

Iron and Silver Longrifle Shown here is an iron mounted rifle based on several rifles made by Alfred Gross of East Tennessee. At one end of the spectrum is that famous silver mounted (silver over iron) rifle by Alfred Gross, and on the other end are completely plain iron mounted rifles. This rifle is in […]

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Lehigh County PA Screw-Tip Horn

Shown here is something a little new for me. It is a screw-tip, but the tip has an external screw that screws into the collar. This horn is patterned after the LeHigh County horn shown on page 128 of Powder Horns: Documents of History by Tom Grinslade. My horn is slightly different from the original […]

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Early Virginia Shot Pouch & Powder Horn

Shown here is an outfit that I made for myself consisting of an early Virginia shot pouch and a Virginia banded, screw-tip powder horn. Most of the shot pouches made these days are relatively complicated affairs using designs from the early to middle 19th century. If you want a shot pouch that is proper for […]

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Plain Southern Powder Horns

The vast majority of original powder horns were as plain as they could be and still be functional. That means a flat pine (or other softwood) base plug and little or no carving of the throat; just enough work to contain powder and attach a strap. Many times a screw was used to attach a […]

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